Thursday, March 9, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Patterns

Canvas boards are not the best surface to paint on.  It is an inexpensive alternative to stretched canvas, canvas panels, linen surfaces or hardboard surfaces.  I had some for my granddaughters to paint on, but I grabbed it to paint this image.  What beautiful patterns there are in  fabrics. Although I didn't copy the patterns as such, I tried to get the feel of the different fabrics and colors.  We seek out patterns every day.  They help us to understand what is going on around us and to find comfort in their regularity or excitement in their alterations. Visual patterns can be found in nature (spirals, fractals, waves, bubbles, cracks and all aspects of weather, water and light) as well as in art, like these beautiful fabrics.  I don't focus on patterns so much, but they do add another dimension to painting.  I often wear black or just plain boring clothing, but when I venture into something stylish, colorful or made of luscious patterns, my friends notice.  They usually seem a bit surprised.  I think I express my love of color through paint, and when it is time to get dressed my creativity is in storage....go figure!

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