Sunday, March 5, 2017

Go Figure - Encouragement

Encouragement is a precious commodity that should be generously shared at every possible moment.  I firmly believe this.  There are many great books about overcoming the fear or resistance to following your dreams.  I am reading a good one now, "The War of Art."  It applies to everything though, not just the arts.  We are designed to be sensitive to others comments and opinions about what we do. We are really our own worst enemies vacillating between insecurity and an over-inflated opinion of ourselves.  Both will lead to a lack-luster performance.  The beauty of following your passion when you are in the last quarter of your life is the truth that "if not now, when?"   I feel I have to make up for years of pursuing important activities that don't directly translate into being an artist.  I feel an urgency and I like that drive.  I am grateful to the teachers I have had along the way, both those I have met in person, and those I have read about.  The daily painters movement has taught me to be disciplined, now I am focusing on other aspects of my artistic development.  It is good to occasionally take  an assessment of where we are now, and where we want to go and then modify and tweak the journey.  I hope you are at a satisfying point in your journey, figuratively speaking.

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