Thursday, February 8, 2018

Figuratively Speaking - Meditation in Neutrals Day 7

My daughter's family, the Blundell family, is moving from the west coast to the east coast....stop me if I've previously mentioned this.  Don't you get tired of the the same old stories getting rehashed?  Well, I can't help it, because I am so excited to see them all and to see each individual, dad, each of the 3 little ones.  So we had a big snow storm to day.  I think they called it Liam.  I was happy as a clam because I was out in it snowshoeing.  Much of the country experienced it in some form or another.  Another one is hitting Chicago on Friday.  The thing about that is that the Blundells were scheduled to fly to Vermont via a Chicago layover.  Long story short, they were bumped backwards, and are coming tomorrow!!!!  When you are moving your family across country there are a million things to do the last day you are at your old location.  Well, they are scrambling to pull it all together.  Today was my son-in-laws last day at his job, so he wasn't even around to help my daughter out.  It will be a late night for them tonight.  It is all good, but even with the best laid plans, there is always an opportunity for grace in the line of fire.  At this end,  I am scrambling a bit too because I was counting on that extra day to get everything perfect for their arrival.  I have canceled the little party I was having for my art friends, and I am doing the sheets right now.  A dash to the grocery store tomorrow will probably wrap it all up.  Those skinny little kids eat an amazing amount of food! I have no idea if I will be able to paint while they are here.  I mean, I will paint, but it will be with the kids....maybe I will post their work.  Go Figure!

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