Saturday, January 12, 2013

Born On A Blue Day 4"x4" acrylic

"Born On a Blue Day" is a title of a very interesting book by Daniel Tammet.  He shares his insights growing up as an autistic savant.  When I painted this, I thought about that book and how he saw numbers as colors.  I don't see things like that, but I believe we all have a unique way of looking at the world.  Artists generally express and share their particular way of seeing through their art. It is a combination of the eye and the hand.  The way I handle the brush is one voice and the colors and shapes I am drawn to, is another voice.  I better stop before I reveal how weird I really am!

$45 $10 ship

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  1. Hey Christine - not weird...I feel you are saying it right! We have some of the same influences. Reading your profile, I feel fortunate, in that I took a class with Karin and Carol in Austin, Tx. several years back - I will never forget it! I like the rhythm and the color in 'Born on a Blue Day'. Paint on!


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