Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gone With the Wind 4"x4" oil

30 Paintings 30 Days Challenge:  Abstracts and Large Paintings (something different) day 14
DPW Challenge:  Paint Movement
It is interesting how to create the impression of movement with the brush.  A photo captures it either in implying an object in a position of movement, like a runner or a galloping horse, or by a blurred image.  I get lots of blurred images when I shoot photos because I do lots of low light shots and forget to reset my camera!  It is similar  with painting except it really is about how to move the brush and paint around.  When painting realistic images it is easy to forget that you (I) am not painting a real thing, rather an impression in two dimensions of something.  It is all abstract at its core.  When painting an abstract, and wanting a particular feeling to be portrayed, it is easy to just focus on the color choices and the way the brush moves.  The intention of this one was to create movement.  It reminds me of a seed pod flying through the air, but could imply (as the book "Gone With the Wind" does) that it is more about ideas of our lives and world that are ethereal, here today gone tomorrow.

$45 $10 ship

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