Friday, May 10, 2013


8"x10" acrylic

I spent the past week in NC with my family.  My mother is a painter and so it is always fun to paint with her.  We painted several days, including once with her "painting group."  I don't take my tools when I travel there, so I rely on her paints, canvases, brushes and set up.  I took my ipad with images I wanted to paint but found that distracting.  I need to spend some time with it figuring out how to delay the "sleep" mode and how to brighten the screen.  I like painting on slick panels so canvas always throws me a bit.  Acrylics are great, but they dry so fast, and my mom paints with colors she likes, which are different than what I am used to.  The brushes...well, my mom does beautiful work, but she likes bristle brushes and she scrubs the paint into the canvas so her brushes are atrocious! She will admit this as well!  Anyway, I did get this little piece done.
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