Monday, May 20, 2013


7.5"x7.5" oil
This is by-far the worst photo I have posted.  "Why bother posting it?" you ask.  Well I am honestly feeling overwhelmed with all the computer related things I am having to learn to make progress, and to get a good photo I need to learn a whole lot more!  I am in "sitting behind the computer" twilight zone!  So I really like this painting and I will re-photograph it.  It is a study in greens and they are all different, and so are the yellows and the reds!  It is actually much more interesting than it looks with lots of subtleties and variations.  Ugh!  Oh well...greens are special...they require attention and work and I really wanted to figure them out.  I am not done with this theme, but I learned that cadmium yellow light is a great mixing color, where Indian yellow makes most greens look a bit orangish.  Green Gold can be accomplished by mixing Sap green and Cadmium Yellow light.  Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) and Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) are very versatile and a lot of fun.  I also learned that doing abstracts is not easy or without some frustration!  Have I bored you yet?  If not, tell me what you know about greens!

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