Monday, May 13, 2013

Tonal Jazz

5"x7" oil
This painting is the third in a group I have done.  I have decided to give away all three this month!  I will be posting a contest the next couple of days, so if you like abstracts, then keep an eye on this.  All three paintings were the result of color studies.  This one is actually a study in mixing grays and each gray on this piece is made from a different mixture of colors, not including any color of black or gray.  I really enjoyed doing these and may continue with this abstract trend.
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  1. What gorgeous grays. I love mixing the neutrals but never thought to make a whole abstract of them Clever! it shows me what a good artist you are being able to flow from your figurative to abstract and all are excellent.

    1. That is quite the compliment from you! Thank you!


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