Wednesday, February 26, 2014


8"x8" oil
The inspiration for this was and old vinyl album cover I saw.  I have great memories of listening to records with my sister on an old player like this.  My mom didn't learn how to read until she was an adult because she was severely dyslectic.  When her mother died, she had to stay home and help raise her brothers and sisters.  She kept this a secret for most for her life which just goes to show how brilliant she really was, as none of us knew and she was a bookkeeper in the Navy.  Anyway, she gave us many story and music albums when we were little because she didn't read out loud to us. One of my favorites was Peter and the Wolf, which also was a method for teaching different instruments in the orchestra.  Mom eventually became an obsessive reader.  I have great admiration for her all the things she overcame to become an artist and fabulous person.
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