Tuesday, February 25, 2014


8"x8" oil
I sometimes feel like I am always in school...never becoming the expert...the professional...but always the student stumbling through the exercises, trying to learn new things.  This applies in most aspects of my life.  Maybe it isn't so bad and maybe my brain will benefit from it in the long run.  Anyway, this painting reflects experiments in many things including using a palette knife and in creating the effect of snow.  The values show up better in person, and so do the colors of the snow.  It is still winter where I live and we are hoping to stretch out the ski season until we are all just too exhausted to put on so many layers.  I have been wanting to paint this little cart since Christmas.  It is located outside Greenbrier Gift Shop in Killington, VT.....a really fun place to spend some time.
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  1. I follow the painter Raymond Logan. He paints impasto with lots and lots of texture. He complains often about how hard it is to photograph his work. I think you've perhaps encountered Raymond's problem! But even so I like your little cart.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Raymond Logan...I love his work!


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