Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drawn In oil 8"x8" #202

The lady on the right was inching closer and closer to this painting. Her arms were raised and resting on her large flat bag, but she looked like she wanted to touch it. The other lady held back a little nervous about being "Drawn In" too close. It is of interest to me the huge bags that people carry in NYC. There are lots of tourists from everywhere and they seem to haul around everything they might ever need. This woman's macrame bag is a perfect example. It must have weighed a ton. You can tell that it is affecting her posture by the way her left shoulder is slightly raised. The colors are a little faded in this photo and there is a glare.

1 comment:

  1. Really nice a la Jurick work. I know just how the woman inching up on the painting feels. It's a compulsion to see those brushstrokes.
    Your color harmony is very appealing.


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