Monday, January 31, 2011

Lost Moment oil 6"x6" #204

This is one of those lost moments in life. I think there are several possible ways it is lost....the grandmother is wistfully looking at the Degas of ballerinas...there is the lost youth...her granddaughter is pulling her to go she losing the opportunity to see such a wonderful piece of art?....or is the grandmother so enthralled with the painting that she is failing to recognize the ballerina tugging on her.I revised this painting today because I did not like the way the little girl looked, although I liked her posture. So she got black leggings instead of a long dress. I like the contrast between the way she looks and the way the grandma looks. I made other changes too.

1 comment:

  1. The changes really work. The leggings emphasis her posture and urgency, the simplified wall under the painting is less distracting as is the brown instead of blue handbag, and the lighter floor balances the wall. Great job revising. You took a good painting and made it great.


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