Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Naptime oil 8"x8" #212

I knew going into this one that it was a compositional risk. It has two focal points separated by an empty room. I went ahead and painted it thinking I pull it off if the two sides balance each other. I played with the idea of putting a another person in, but didn't. I am hoping to get some opinions on this one. I really like the sleeping figures and I find the gentleman giving a passing glance at the painting interesting, but I am not sure the whole painting works. So if you have a thought, let me know.


  1. Christine I like this composition a lot. I think the way you used your colors to create unity works. I wonder if taking out the brown grid on the back wall would help? The blank space is a nice place for your eye to rest and the "L" shape the back wall and floor make is nice. Maybe just a little more space on the left edge of the figure in the left foreground would help keep your eye from going off the painting. Nice job. I am liking these museum/people paintings you've been working on.


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