Friday, February 18, 2011

Roots II oil 4"x4" #222 and FemSumo ink #223

This is my second rendition of roots with moss and pine needles, my homage to an early spring. I am going to do a tryptic of them. The second image is from my life painting group. I haven't been since mid Dec. and I could really tell. I was out of sync. I wasn't happy with the materials so I went to find a crayola marker and a kid's paint brush and this drawing turned out pretty good. I called it FemSumo because she reminded me of Sumo wrestlers. I looked it up online and there is a whole sport of female Sumos but I couldn't find a specific term for them.


  1. You are so smart to count your blog posts! Thanks for the comment on my 700th post! This is a gorgeous painting - I can only imagine the power of 3 of them in a triptych! You GO girl!

  2. I love the figure drawing - the lines are wonderful.

  3. I think the triptych is a marvelous idea. And your line figure reminds me of Picasso not sumo!


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