Friday, October 4, 2013

A Time Gone By

8"x10" oil
There is a story to this one.  Vermont is known for its quaintness.  There is a charm here because things move slightly slower than in large urban areas.  We try to protect the beauty of that without being too sentimental.  However, urban sprawl has made a foothold in our nation and is doing its best to creep into our area.  This building is the last quaint structure on the south end of Rutland on highway 7, the main road that runs along western Vermont.  It was a victim of our economic woes, and the business had to shut. The new owners are planning on tearing off all the porches and architectural features, cutting down the trees, putting in more pavement and opening a Dollar General Store.  I added the fence and the kids standing on it because I think about how our current trend of merchandising over quality of life is affecting the younger generation.  I am grateful that new businesses are moving in, but it makes me sad that they are more corporate and less "mom and pop."
I have included a close up of the kids.
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