Monday, October 7, 2013

Hula Happy

5"x7" acrylic
I decided to write and illustrate a book for my grandchildren.  Right now I am working on the illustrations and when I get those all done I will attempt to do the text the way I want.  If I fail at that I will just simplify it and call it good.  The theme of the book is, "What Can You Do When You Go To Grandcamp?"  That is only a theme and a working title, not the finished idea.  When the kids come to visit we call it Grandcamp.  So, if it is at the beach we do beach things, like hula-hoop!  I am doing these with an outline and then painting in sections as if I was doing a coloring, kind of like school kids tend to do.  My grandkids are being raised to color outside of the we will see what will happen with that!  Anyway, this is a fun diversion and it is always great to work on projects for the kids.  This week I am taking a workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry, so I am mostly concentrating on that.

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