Friday, October 25, 2013

The Wall

9"x9" oil
This is another painting I completed at Dreama's Workshop.  I came away from that workshop with a couple of reminders and realizations.  I try not to remember everything because I find I just feel confused and constrained when I do, so I choose to focus on just a few things.  One thing that really left its mark was that each participant's paintings retained their unique signature style even though we were painting the same image with the same palette and technique.  This kept coming back to me.  Another thing which I really wanted to latch on to, was how to get the brilliant color and little pops of color which is so evident in Dreama's work.  I feel like I achieved that in this painting.  I need to really think about what color combinations excite me and make that a priority in my work, if that is what excites me. 

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