Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Going to the Circus

9"x9" acrylic
I have taken a bizillion photos of the circus.  I love the athleticism of performers.  I know there is great talent in those who work with animals, but I much prefer watching acrobats, trapeze artists and such.  I would love to be able to fly through the air.  Wouldn't you?  Seriously I have photos I have taken all over the country at different shows, big and small but this is actually the first circus painting I have ever done.  It too is for my book about going to Gramcamp.  I have enlisted a friend and avid poet, Randy Zimmerman,  to help me with the writing so I am excited about that.  This painting has such a compelling composition I think, but that is part of the artistry of the circus.  One of my favorite circuses is Circus Smirkus, which is a kids camp which performs in the summer.  Awesome.  Of course Cirque du Soleil is always spectacular.  I just read that a performer on the "Wheel of Death" fell and was hurt.  I always assume that they are so good they never get hurt, but that is just unrealistic.  I can fall taking a walk!  Maybe it is my lack of natural grace that makes me so appreciate these artists.
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  1. I love the circus too and can't wait to see more from the book.

  2. So exciting. Looking forward to more from the book!


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