Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jump or Hop 5"x7" oil #122

This woman has 3 active kids, owns and runs 5 restaurants with her husband, teaches water aerobics, runs marathons, has endless energy and looks like she is 20 years old. She also has a very cool (as in hip) and amiably approachable personality. She just can't figure out whether to tell her students to jump or hop (as far out of the water as they can get). I chose this pose because her hair was flying up. Her full front 2 piece bathing suit is just a bit up revealing her 6 pack belly. I like the wall lamp streaming light and the streaky windows. She really is a task master and it is amazing that we all keep coming to her classes, but it is because we love her! I have a lot of numbers in this message! This is the last piece of my PICO series.

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