Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glow of Sunset 5"x7" acrylic

This was inspired by a photo I saw in the newspaper, which is a funny place because the color and resolution are so bad in newspaper images.  I liked the simplicity of the shapes in the photo. That sometimes is all it takes to get the imagination working.  There is a glowing light in early evening cost on the mountains to the east as the sun is setting on a cloudy day, but the horizon in the west is clear.  Golds and purples fill the "canvas." This is Camel's Hump near where I used to live.  It is landmark, although not the highest mountain in the state and was even chosen to be the image on the Vermont quarter.  Anyone here who hikes does this mountain because it is a full day hike with a unique alpine terrain on the top and spectacular views.  I love the abstractness of this.

$100 and $10 shipping

1 comment:

  1. I like the abstractness, too. I think sometimes bad painting references, like your newspaper photo, are the best kind because then imagination and technique can take over.
    It's a beautiful painting.


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