Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heartland Winter 22"x28" acrylic

I spent many years in the mid-west and learned to appreciate the phrase "spacious skies" and "amber waves of grain."  Now I like living in "purple mountains majesty."  Although many complain about the cold winters of the NE, I actually think they are more tolerable than those bone biting, windy, humid, rainy days of mid-west winters. But,  it is no wonder that it is the breadbasket of the US because the soil is deep and rich.  The snowy days of NE winters inspire me. Summers are mild, if a bit short, and you can't beat the colors and feeling of autumn. However, that being said, can I come visit you in mudseason? Springtime is my favorite season in the mid-west as it brings such beauty and intense storms after the bleak winter. This poor barn has suffered from that windy weather and now is see-through. The house is gone, lost when this farm was incorporated into a megafarm, probably leaving a patch of daffodils that will pop up in springtime somewhere near that forest of four trees. I have included detail.


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