Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Concerto in C Minor

5"x7" oil
This past weekend I did a stone carving workshop.  It was a 2 day affair and I had every intention of finishing my piece in the 16 hours I devoted to it, but you know what they say about the best layed plans of mice and men.... The workshop was filled with interesting conversations about a myriad of topics including the connection between art and music.  This inspired me to do some color studies using music as my inspiration.  I am keeping a notebook (gessoed canvas paper) of my color mixes, which is a little tricky with oils since they dry so slowly.  I am covering each page with wax paper, which will further delay the drying time, but also preserve the mix.  As I do the color mixes, I also am doing a painting, like this first piece, in which I chose (after listening to a lot of music) Rachmaninoff's Concerto #2.  He wrote this concerto in 1900 after a serious spell with depression that lasted about 10 years.  He had completely given up music and then started therapy with Dr. Dahl who used the auto-suggestion statement, "You will begin to write your concerto.  You will work with great facility.  The Concerto will be of excellent quality."  The result, is that we now have this lovely piece of music.  It is interesting how many artists suffer from depression...I guess from trying to reach that intangible thing!
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