Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family Story Time 5"x7" oil

This was a value study I did a bit ago and decided to add color to it.  My value study was in 3 values and I tried to stick with that.  What I learned is that it is really easy to think a color is dark or light, but compared to the black, white, gray study, they weren't close.  I think I've got the values thing down and then I do an exercise like this and I see that I need to continue to work on this....maybe forever.  I like this painting because I think it has a good composition and I liked the original drawing.  I am reworking another painting that I just can't get quite right and I fear it is because my original drawing was not right.  I may never finish it, but trying to figure out the problem is also worthwhile.  I still need to correct my photography set-up because this looks more yellow than the original painting is.

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