Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Bird Tree 5"x7" oil

This is the second value study I added color to. This was so much different than the previous one I posted because color really helped define the spaces where the values were really close.  I kept the graphic feel but now the squirrel and bird pop out.  This painting was a lot of fun to do.  Adding color to the value study was like paint-by-number...which although all the art teachers regale the stunting power of these crafts, were quite fun to do and gave me a desire to understand how they were created.  What about you?  Did you do paint-by-number?
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  1. So interesting to hear what you did.

    1. Susan, The process has been really interesting to me lately. Sometimes I just paint and don't think much about it, but it seems like I go through "growing periods" where I reflect much more on how I do it and what I am learning about it. Today will be a paint for fun day I think!


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