Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Method and "On Leave"

"On Leave"  7"x9" oil  this is for my nephew who is a Marine and great dad!
I thought I would talk about a method I have been experimenting with in painting.
These are the reasons I like it:
1.  It is a method, therefore, I know what to do first and can get started right off.
2.  By drawing out the image, I get to practice my drawing skills, and it helps me to get the drawing part accurate.
3. By adding in a very thin and very quick layer of local colors, I can paint over the drawing, and diminish it, so I am not so picky and finicky about painting the drawing.
4.  I  get to evaluate it after each step which makes me take a brain-refreshing break (and I hoola-hoop for a couple of minutes).
5.  I can see if the design and basic values work.
6.  By doing the local colors, I quickly cover the whole area making it all much less intimidating.
7.  Since I don't add any subtle highlights, smaller values, warm and cool colors and variations at this stage, I can think through those things before I actually do them.
8.  I like it because it slows me down, yet I can still paint fast.
9.  There is instant gratification, which I always crave.
10.  I still get to apply all those wonderful teaching tips I've learned from other artists.

What I don't like about it:
It takes longer....and I end up fussing anyway!

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