Friday, August 2, 2013

Contemplating Shapes of Fear

6.5"x8.5" oil
The painting these three are looking at is called "Shapes of Fear" by Maynard Dixon.  It is a very powerful piece in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  It is an interesting idea...fear having a shape.  This painting is a bit tighter than I generally do, but overall I like it a lot.  It is funny when people talk about my work as something they can't imagine doing because they "can't draw a straight line."  It is funny, because I think that drawing or painting a straight line is really hard!  Painting a flower is not easy, but it is forgiving.  Architecture is loaded with those irritating straight lines.

I am getting ready for my first art fair next weekend (Art in the Park).  It is a ton of work!!! I have a much better appreciation for those artists, like my friend Ann McFarren, who actually make a living doing art fairs.  This painting will be shown there if it is dry enough to take. 
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