Monday, August 26, 2013

Salmon Moon

5"x7" oil
You will just have to take my word for it...this painting is so much better than it looks here.  It has a lot of texture and a lot of really dark colors.  I went out two nights this past week and just sat and studied what I was looking at.  The design was pretty simple, but it was the color that I really studied hard.  I found out that the August Moon is known as the Salmon Moon and I understand why between the yellow/white of the moon and the peachy ring around it which fades to blue then purple.  The ground is barely visible at the base of the trees which dark shadows that reach out over the meadow which lightens slightly as it approaches the foreground.  The only other light is a tiny bit of grayish highlights on the tops of the Black-eyed Susans and the white flox.  Well, I guess you will have to take my word for it!  I will attempt taking a better photo when I have more time.
So my featured artist today is June Hovekamp Osgood  who is also my mom.  I found this sketch she did on the back of mat board and it struck me what a lovely piece it is so I varnished it, attached it to a painting board with mat medium, and framed it.  She is "going on 90" (rather than being 89) and is an avid painter and game player.  She is very active, and yes I am a big fan!  So enjoy this:


  1. I loved watching the full salmon moon and also it is known as a blue moon because August graced us with 2 full moons. How lovely to see both your and your moms work.

    1. Thanks Susan! Apparently this moon had several names....


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