Saturday, December 4, 2010

Attempt 2 oil 10"x12" #146

Ok this is a day for honesty. This is my second attempt at capturing this handsome young man. So you ask, "How could this be the same person as I did in pastel yesterday." The first answer and only one that counts has to do with confidence. I lost my confidence over the holidays and I only started to regain it yesterday. I took my time and just followed the shapes. It requires hard looking and I don't think I knew how to do that a couple of days ago. I had forgotten. The hand just does what the eye tells it to do. I think I tried to just draw in pastel without the hard looking. There are no real short cuts are there? I painted this on un-gessoed mat board so it is only a sketch. Now I know I can do it, so lets see if I can repeat it on board or canvas in a larger format. I also am feeling like oil is more familiar to me right now, not pastel.


  1. I like that wording "hard looking". So descriptive of what it is.

  2. What a crisp and fine portrait you've done. The pastel was the test run. This is the real thing. Who cares if it's on matboard!

  3. Wow, this one is great! A big improvement over the first.


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