Thursday, December 16, 2010

still life with onion and garlic oil 6"x6" #158

I don't really have a title for this yet. It is a study in gray but I guess that is not really obvious. When I did this I was in that almost meditative state of hard looking. It is difficult for me to enter that place but the results are always a lot better when I do. I am by nature a "cut the corners" kind of person, so I rush most of my paintings and I need to slow down and look, look, look. I get a feeling of elation when I enter this zone, so that makes the painting memorable to me. Some people may not like the "black hole" but I do, and I love all the round shapes and the "kissing points" and all the other rules this doesn't follow.


  1. Stunning - yes, this is beautiful, just the right balance of darks and lights and a beautiful color combination, well done.

  2. I like that black hole, too. I think the composition and perspective are both wonderful.


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