Friday, December 31, 2010

Sugar n' Spice Winter 5"x7" acrylic #173

I lost my camera which is kind of sickening, because it seems like such a waste of an expensive tool. Anyway, I have ordered a new one, but in the waiting-for-it-to-arrive time I have to scan any painting I do and that is tricky. This one looks pretty good. It is of a working sugaring barn and popular restaurant which is open for breakfast and lunch. It is not far from where I live so I see it everyday. A sugaring barn is where they boil down maple sap into syrup. I have painted this in other seasons. In the fall they tap all the sugar maples around the place so there are buckets hanging from the trees. They have some old farm equipment and cars there which give it a rustic and picturesque look against the mountains. I used acrylic so it would dry fast so that I could scan it. I kept it loose and tried to have strong brush strokes.

1 comment:

  1. I very much like the graphic quality you have in this one. And you're persevering despite some adversity!
    Happy New Year!


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